For more details, you can follow the links on the images below. 

Alana Hat
Man I Left Behind Vest, from the Outlander Knitting book
Vigil Wrap
Minerva Shawl
Fordington Baby Blanket

Pivot, a Twitter knit-a-long
Round the Blend Tam, a Twitter knit-a-long
Insular Cowl, from Knotions magazine
Wraparound Socks
Faux Entrelac Socks

December Dreaming Stocking, from I Like Knitting magazine
Bat Hat (free)
Charlotte Fingerless Mittens, from Knotions magazine
Balance, a Twitter knit-a-long

Valois Bag
Lavagna Hat
Iris Afghan
Vignay Fingerless Mitts
Macclesfield Scarf

Fouilloy set (earband, cowl, mittens)
Welles Socks
Beaulieu Tam
Delft Tam

Elizabeth's First Pattern Dishcloth (free)
Neckmate Cowl, from I Like Knitting magazine
Dambrod Mittens
Hangin' Round Baby Blanket, from I Like Knitting magazine
Cervelli Baby Blanket

Balthazar's Jumper Socks
Jianzhi Cowl
Otranto Cowl, from Knitscene magazine
Minaret Mittens, from knit.purl magazine
Wuv Vest

Double the Love Bib
Darling Layette
Feast Your Eyes Bib
High-End Scarf (free)
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Bib

Zombaby Bib
Woodcutter Mittens, from Interweave Knits magazine
Woodcutter Hat, from Interweave Knits Magazine
Caldicott Scarf, from Interweave Knits Magazine
Pysanka Bib

Tracery Vest
Juicy Fly Hairbow, from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine
Arguyle Gansey, from Knitty magazine
Old-Freshened Cuffs
Leaves and Lace Baby Blanket

Bukhara Cowl
Flutterby Tam, from Petite Purls magazine
Stippling Baby Blanket, from Knit Now magazine
High-End Hat (free)
Dalek Cupcake (free)

Jayne Cupcake (free)
Beloved Baby Bonnet, from Jane Austen Knits magazine
Down with Pigs Bib (free)
Teddy for Tots Bib (fundraiser)
Addis Abeba Wrap

Upscale Baby Cardigan (free)
Slainte Mhor Eachuinn Socks (free)
Feather-and-Fan Set (free)
Parfait Cardigan
Celtic Triad Socks, from Knitty magazine

Merry-Go-Round Hat
Celtic Knotwork Baby Blanket
Hat-Heel Socks, from Knitty magazine
Ilaisa's Loose Toque (free)
KWB/TSF Hat (fundraiser)

Sweetness Tank Top, from MagKnits magazine
Child Legs Legwarmers (free)
Reversible Celtic Patterns Baby Blanket (free)
Around the Block Baby Blanket
Leafy Baby Poncho

Lacy Ribs Scarf
'Honey, I Lost My Hat' Hat (free)
Argyle Baby Cardigan (free)
Arabesque Baby Blanket (free)

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