Pattern: Tracery Vest

Originally published in The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine (July, 2013). 

Subsequently published in:

Gothic is a style of architecture from the high and late medieval period of European history. This garment was inspired by Gothic-style stained-glass windows. The name of the pattern, ‘Tracery’, is the term used for the stonework sections which contain the glass of Gothic windows.

This pattern is not steeked; however, anyone with experience who would prefer to steek this pattern shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting it.

ERRATA (I will eventually be updating the downloadable file.)

  1. Second-last line of “bottom” section should read:
You will have completed a total of 15[19, 19, 21, 19, 15] patt rnds, including the first one immediately following the 2 purl rnds.
  1. Second-last line of “right front” section should read:
Cont patt as set, dec 1 st at neck edge every RS row until 16[16, 21, 21, 21, 23] sts rem. 69[73, 75, 77, 79, 81] rows have been worked flat in total.


  • XS: 30.75” finished bust, to fit 28”, finished length 17.5”
  • S: 35” finished bust, to fit 32”, finished length 18”
  • M: 38.75” finished bust, to fit 36”, finished length 18.25”
  • L: 43” finished bust, to fit 40”, finished length 18.5”
  • 1X: 46.75” finished bust, to fit 44”, finished length 18.75”
  • 2X: 52” finished bust, to fit 48”, finished length 19”

Skills required

  • Knitting and purling
  • Increasing and decreasing
  • Stranded knitting worked in the round and flat
  • Chart reading
  • Three-needle bind-off (explained in magazine)

Materials needed

  • Yarn: Fingering weight, as follows (all yardages are approximates) - model shown is size small, and used Plymouth Yarn "Happy Feet", 90% superwash merino/10% nylon, 192yds/50g, main colour #1305 Black, contrast colour 27
    • XS: 350 yards of main colour, 285 yards of contrast colour
    • S: 390 yards of main colour, 315 yards of contrast colour
    • M: 440 yards of main colour, 355 yards of contrast colour
    • L: 485 yards of main colour, 390 yards of contrast colour
    • 1X: 525 yards of main colour, 425 yards of contrast colour
    • 2X: 570 yards of main colour, 460 yards of contrast colour
  • Needles: 3mm circular needle
  • 2 stitch markers
  • spare length of yarn 30-40” long
  • spare length of yarn 20” long
  • 3 stitch holders
  • tapestry needle


  • 30 stitches and 33 rows = 4" in chart pattern stitch, blocked


Unknown said...

Hi can anyone help with this pattern having a few problems and would love to ask some questions thank you

Kathleen said...

Hi! Feel free to shoot me a message at .


Í would like to buy your pattern but the contrasted yarn you suggested is not available anymore
Could you suggest an equivalent one.?
Thanks un advanced for your help

Kathleen said...

Hi! Yes, the Happy Feet has been discontinued. Plymouth has replaced it with Happy Feet 100, but none of the colourways are quite like #27. However, #6 (Jewel Mix) and #122 (Rainbow Mix) might strike your fancy. Honestly, any variegated or even slowly gradiating yarn (such as Knit Picks Chroma) with sunset-like colours in a fingering weight would do the trick. I've seen a ton of different multicoloured yarns used by a variety of knitters to great success. Here are some quick examples I found:

Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

hello Kathleen

i started knitting this pattern and i have now to start with the increases but i dont inderstand how it works withe the design ....If I add 2 stitches per round it will modify the pattern Have you a picture of how it goes
thank you for your help

sassinpocket said...

Love the pattern! But I am having difficulty to get the math work out on the medium side in the pattern repeats. Basically, where the pattern marks to do the repeats gives you 65 stitches per repeat, but for the total stitches to work out is 63 stitches per repeat. What am I missing? (I'm sure it is a me/operator error). Has anyone else noticed this?

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I've just started knitting this. Ive finished the striped section at the bottom and have just embarked on the main pattern. On the setup round, do I knit one and then commence the charted area? Also, I'm making the largest size - I begin knitting from the pale blue line, then end at the next line of the same colour BUT if I then start the next repeat at the first blue line again, then there's a mismatch in the pattern. Please can anyone offer any guidance, or tell me what's wrong?

Kathleen said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Yes, the instructions say on Pattern Round 1 to K1 with the main colour and then start the chart.

If I'm understanding your pattern mismatch question correctly, yes, you should expect a lack of pattern continuity across the entire round - you will have pattern continuity across the front, and then pattern continuity across the back, but not pattern continuity as you flow from front to back and then from back to front. Hope that makes sense. The idea is that the stained glass pattern is centered at both front and back.

Hope that helps!