Pattern: Stippling Baby Blanket

Published in issue #17 (January, 2013) of Knit Now magazine.

It takes determination and perseverance to tackle a double knitted blanket! However, the good news is that because you are always decreasing, the rounds get smaller and smaller, and the project gains momentum the further you go. The other nice thing is that, because the blanket is worked in the round with the right side facing you, you don’t have to worry about which side you’re looking at, so there’s less chance that you’ll make a mistake with the chart instructions.

The designs in this blanket were inspired by The Book of Kells, a spectacular Celtic illuminated manuscript from around the year 800. A number of the designs in that historic document are made with nothing more than a series of red dots. I have tried to recreate that look for this blanket by using single stitches of a colour as my dots. “Stippling” is the name of this dotting technique, so I adopted this term for the name of the pattern.

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