Pattern: Corbichon Wrap

Also available as part of an eBook, Whitework: Accessories inspired by medieval illumination

The construction of this shawl allows you to knit in the round while simultaneously creating the fringe - no need to cut loads of short lengths for the fringe or to secure any steeks after the knitting is finished. You simply cut the fringe stitches up the middle and then knot the strands to make the fringe look nice!

De proprietatibus rerum (“On the Order of Things”) is an encyclopedia written around the mid-13th century by Bartholomeus Anglicus, and translated into French in 1372 by Jean Corbichon. The copy which inspired this wrap, produced in Paris sometime before 1416, is housed at the Bibliothèque Municipale de Reims in Reims, France, and may have belonged to the library of the Duke de Berry. It is the background of the illustration of the caladrius bird which inspired the motif in this shawl.


  • Narrow/short 20" x 58.5"
  • Narrow/long 20" x 65"
  • Wide/short 26" x 58.5"
  • Wide/long 26" x 65"
Lengths given do not include fringe. Sample shown is the narrow/short.

Skills required

  • Knitting, purling
  • Increasing, decreasing
  • Stranded knitting
  • Chart reading
  • Long-tail cast-on (pattern points to instructional resources)

Materials needed

  • Yarn: Worsted weight, as follows (all yardages are approximates):
    • Narrow/short: 560 yards of main colour and 520 yards of contrast colour
    • Narrow/long: 610 yards of main colour and 570 yards of contrast colour
    • Wide/short: 710 yards of main colour and 660 yards of contrast colour
    • Wide/long: 780 yards of main colour and 725 yards of contrast colour
  • Needles: 60" long 5mm circular needle
  • 2 stitch markers, distinctive from each other
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


  • 32 stitches to 6.5” and 32 rows to 6” in stranded pattern after blocking

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