Saturday, February 19, 2022

Trying something different - wanna help?

I made a new design! It's for a rectangular, stranded knitting shawl, which I'm calling 'Between the Dragon and His Wrap'.

I haven't made it, although I have done a proof of concept, which I adore:

I haven't plugged instructions and charts into my pattern template.

I've only...designed it.



I'm trying something new this time around: I'm trying to raise the funds for the production of this pattern before I well and truly start the production of this pattern.

What this means is: I'm crowdsourcing!

Basically, by supporting this campaign, you're pre-purchasing the pattern for a 20% discount off the regular price. Other patterns of mine are also available at a discounted price via other perks, if you want to do more than just buy the future pattern.

The idea is that I will know I have the funds in hand to buy the yarn, get a tech editor, get test knitters, and give me something for my design work. Right now the campaign is already 63% funded so I'm hopeful that I'll get to the campaign goal!

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