Sunday, July 12, 2020

Everything old is new again

Recently, I started using Payhip as a new sales channel for my knitting patterns (as a result of the Ravelry accessibility problems). Their service is super-interesting because it allows me to integrate pattern buying into my actual website. And that means that I can finally start selling some of my past patterns from magazines! Today I'm making the first of these available:

This is Juicy Fly, a hairbow pattern originally published in The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. (And yep, that is what my youngest child's hair looks like in natural light; isn't it amazing?) It knits up super-fast and if it's a bit big for your tastes (finished size given is 5" wide), it's easily resizable just by using thinner yarn and smaller needles.

More blast-from-the-past patterns coming in the future; but they will take longer because I've got to knit all-new samples for the photography.

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