Saturday, May 09, 2020

New pattern: Minerva Shawl

Very pleased to announce the release of a new lace shawl pattern!


"Minerva" is worked all in one piece, border and body together, from the tip out. This was done on purpose to maximize yardage usage - there's information in the pattern about resizing if you want to use less or more yardage than the pattern calls for. But if you've got two 100g skeins of worsted weight in your stash right now, you should be good to go!

This pattern came about because I wanted to make a holiday gift for my middle daughter's grade seven teacher: an elegant woman who looks great in strong colours and who, I was told, loves owls. I had some worsted weight in my stashed in a colour that really suited her, so I designed this shawl to use up as much of its yardage as possible. 

It's $4.99US, but if you buy it on Ravelry in the first week (i.e. until the end of May 16, ET), you'll get an automatic 10% off!

(Edited July 4 to remove Ravelry link)

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