Sunday, January 05, 2020

New year, (slightly) new look

Happy new year!

I've never been big on resolutions, but I'm going to try to stick to this one: updating the blog more frequently. I've been very active on social media the past couple of years, and this hasn't left me with very much to say in this space. But I'd like to get better at taking advantage of this site for content which takes up more space than just an image or 280 characters. I have lots of knitting-related knowledge and thoughts, and a blog is a great place to explain things in excruciating detail (which is kind of my thing, tbh)!

In addition to this resolution, I've also changed around some of the website layout. All my social media links are right at the top of all pages underneath the tabs, and I've taken all the ancient links out of the sidebar and replaced them with some curated pattern highlights. The header image and site description have also been updated.

The description was rather desperately due for an overhaul. I originally created this blog to track my insane (in both volume and complexity) projects, but then Ravelry came along and let me do that more efficiently. I also started designing, but the blog stayed mostly focused on what I was doing as a knitter rather than a designer. Now, however, I want the site to focus on my designing work, as well as (hopefully in the future) teaching.

The new description reflects this focus - I design because ideas that I love come into my head, and I want to share that with as many knitters as possible. I know a lot of my designs look crazy-complicated, but many of them use genuinely basic techniques that the vast majority of knitters can already do. And also, I don't believe knitters should be intimidated out of making the stuff they want. Isn't there a saying that goes something like, "A master is someone who has failed more times than you have even tried." If you love it, I say, try knitting it!

I look forward to what the new year may bring!

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