Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better late than never

Back in the fall, I blogged about plans for my first eBook, which was going to contain five double knitted baby bib patterns. I'd already released the first two patterns for individual sale; was planning to release the third later in the autumn; and then the last two, plus the book, were going to be available around December. (And I'm going to set it up so that you get a discount on the book if you've already bought an individual pattern.)

You have no doubt noticed that December has come and gone and that we are actually almost into February. Yeah, I had a bit of a pattern writing burnout happen in addition to the solid month of being sick (which - although I don't want to jinx it by seeming too optimistic - seems to maybe be easing up on us). But I've gotten back into the designing swing of things, and am happy to announce that the third bib pattern is now available!

It's called "Feast Your Eyes", and it turns out that plaid is a very fun addition to a baby bib! Here are some more visuals, to give you a better idea of how the two sides contrast with each other:

Completed, light side Completed, dark side

I love it, and am hoping to be able to see lots of different colour combinations that other knitters can come up with for it! If you like it too, you can go ahead and...


Fourth bib pattern coming soon. I may even throw in a sneak peek ahead of time, if anyone's interested?

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