Saturday, November 11, 2017

Helping by example

My friend Nicole, who has been teaching herself to knit continentally, tweeted the other day about her hatred of the continental purl. In an effort to help, I promised to show her how I did it at our next knit night together; and another knitter/designer, Michele Kelsey, wrote that she'd like a demonstration, too. Well, Michele is in Oklahoma, so she certainly wasn't going to getting out to a Toronto-area knit night anytime soon! :) Thus, I put a video together for her - and anyone else - to see how I do it:

I'm sure other continental knitters have their own way of doing purl stitches, but to my mind, the more options you have at your disposal, the easier it is to figure out how your fingers can do it in a way that is most comfortable for you.

So there you go!

Monday, October 16, 2017


My biggest-ever (so far) design project is NOW A THING:

My book, Whitework: Accessories inspired by medieval illumination is now available for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, and soon (is the plan) on Loveknitting and Patternfish!

It contains an extra surprise that showed up in September: a tenth pattern. Originally the plan was to have nine patterns in the collection, because that's how many different accessory ideas I'd come up with. However, at the end of August, my team moved into a new office building, and it's REALLY FREAKIN' COLD there! So, in addition to the long-range plans to make myself a really beautiful thick cardigan (as soon as I can find The Perfect Yarn), I whipped up a pair of fingerless mittens, the design once again inspired by diapering patterns from illumination of the middle ages:

Meet Vignay, which works up pretty quickly and is very nice to look at, if I say so myself. My hand model was so taken with them that she voiced her desire for a pair of my own, and it took me just a few days to oblige:

Besides this surprise last-minute addition, I've also released the last two designs from the collection. Firstly, there's Lavagna:

I've made two of these so far, one in the medium size and one in the small size for my middle daughter (I am helpless in the face of these lovely children who admire my knitting and wistfully wish for their own versions out loud).

(Please ignore the desperately messy bedroom in the background. It is mine and I am hopeless at keeping it clean.)

And I don't know what it is about this pattern, but I find it to be super-fun, and a very quick knit, too.

Finally, just released today, is a felted bag, Valois:

It comes in two sizes - this is the smaller one. The larger size is about 30% bigger in each dimension.

I think the thing I like best about this collection is how proud I am of each design in it. I really do love them all. I had a great time thinking this all up and putting it together, and I hope knitters will have a really good time making them for their own.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

More from the big project

Four more patterns have been released from my upcoming collection of accessories!

Firstly, there's a set of three items: an earband, a cowl, and mittens. This is the Fouilloy Set, which is based on a motif from a 13th century Franco-Flemish manuscript, and is named after the text's author.

This is actually the design which started it all. I was trying to do justice to this anniversary present from my husband:

I didn't want to just make it into socks (although the socks would have been awesome); I wanted to make something that would last longer and be really visible and spectacular whenever I wore it. It took a while to get the right inspiration going, but I finally hit upon The Idea, and I'm super-pleased with it.

And then the fourth pattern is called Macclesfield:

It's inspired by a motif from The Macclesfield Psalter, a 14th century manuscript from East Anglia. This is an extremely toasty-warm scarf, as it's made from worsted weight yarn and is double thick (not to mention reversible).

That's it for now! Just two more patterns from this collection left to go.