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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Some of the knitting I did this spring was feverish, obsessive design work. Do you know how it is when you get an idea, and you work it out, and write up the pattern and charts, and then suddenly, you've somehow managed to knit prototypes in three different sizes?

Yeah. Meet "Wuv":

It's cute, it's squishy, it's a quick knit, it's unisex in style and construction (i.e. if you want/need to cut the buttons off one side and re-sew them to the other, you can do that), it's a great layering piece if a little one needs some extra warmth...just a lot of good things in one small package, really.

It comes in five different sizes, from 12 months to 6 years. Here's another size that I did for my cousin's baby's first birthday a few months ago:

And as previously mentioned, I did a third one, also in emerald green, in the 2-year size. I haven't finished it up or taken photos of it yet, though. I may frog it for the yarn, since it's too small for DD3 (who will be turning three later this month).

Oh, and did I mention that it's easy to play in?

If you like it too, you can go ahead and...



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Monday, August 04, 2014

Sweet set

You may remember that back in February, Knit Now published a baby layette set that I'd designed. It contained a bonnet, scratch mittens, and booties, and was called "Darling". I was very pleased with how it turned out:

Darling set

© Practical Publishing

(Seriously, that baby is so cute; I feel so happy every time I see that shot because of her sweet little face!)

Well, the rights for these designs recently reverted back to me, so I wanted to package them up into a single (virtual) booklet to sell. Of course, at the time, the magazine still had my photography samples (although right at this moment, those samples are actually in the post winging their way back to me), so I needed to knit up new ones. This was not exactly a hardship since they are cute, fun, and fast. And I had just enough of some lovely bamboo yarn to do everything in the smaller size. So, knit 'em up I did:

Darling set in bamboo

Where the mittens were concerned, I did change the pattern somewhat from how it appeared in the magazine originally: I rewrote the instructions so that the mittens would be shorter. This is because in hindsight, I felt the original directions created mittens that might be too long. However, you can of course lengthen or shorten the mittens to taste; the instructions tell you how.

One of my favourite things about this set is the detail on both the instep and heel flap of the booties:

Darling set in bamboo, booties instep

Darling set in bamboo, booties heel

If you like the set too, you can go right ahead and...



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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Two sweaters, alike in dignity

(Still catching up on describing several months of blogless knitting.)

About two years ago, I bought a whole bunch of "Wool of the Andes" from Knit Picks in the "Hyacinth" colourway, in order to make Durrow by Jodi Green for my husband as a Christmas gift. The yarn came, I cast on, and I knitted really quite a bit of it:

In progress, 2012-07-09

The whole time I was knitting it, though, I was trying to convince myself that he wouldn't mind the colour. Do not get me wrong - I love the colour myself. It is a gorgeous, vibrant royal purplish-blue that I adore. But what I had been shooting for was a subdued, conservative purple, which is something I thought I could convince him - despite his surprisingly "it's a girly colour" aversion to purple - to wear. The Hyacinth, though...enh. Finally I accepted that it was just not a colour he would enjoy wearing, and decided to use something else instead.

And so, flash forward to December, I ordered some more Wool of the Andes, this time in the "Blackberry" colour. This time, I got the colour right. It's a dark eggplanty kind of purple, almost so dark you can't even tell it's purple. In January, I began work. I've since put it aside in favour of other projects, but I have gotten a fair bit done already, so my guilt is low, particularly since I think I'm going to turn it into next year's Christmas present.

Durrow, take two

Of course, this left me with a whole bunch of Hyacinth yarn that wasn't earmarked for anything. What could I use it for?

Back to Jodi Green again, of course...this time, for me. I cast on for the fabulous Mariah hooded cardi that's been in my queue for ages. I have a bad feeling I'm not going to have quite enough yarn for it, but we'll fall off that bridge when we come to it. (Worst case scenario, I could convert it into a hoodless cardi.) Again, good progress has been made - I'm almost done both sleeves - although it, too, has since been put aside.


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