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I'm dreaming in technicolour.

--Arthur McLean

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Arrrrrrnother reveal!

(It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, in case you weren't aware.)

So I've got another pattern in another magazine which I'm very happy to announce! This is a cowl I named "Fall Guy", which was originally designed as a man's accessory, but really it's totally unisex and it was photographed on a female model to good effect. I invented the pattern in order to have a nice Christmas gift for my younger BIL last winter. Unfortunately I forgot to actually photograph that gift before packing it up and sending it off to him, but immediately after that I whipped up another one as the "swatch" for the proposal for the magazine, and here's that version:

Fall guy front

Fall guy back

It was accepted under the name "Otranto", and is now appearing in the Winter 2014 issue of Knitscene magazine! Their photography is vastly better than mine, of course:

Otranto, front
© Knitscene/Harper Point

Otranto, back
© Knitscene/Harper Point

Hope you like it!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

A reveal!

So I've been trying for ages to get another blog post together; I've had most of it written for weeks but I'm missing an updated photo of one of the projects I want to talk about. And can I find said project to take the required photograph? Nope. Which is terrible, because I'm fairly sure I've looked everywhere and I'd really like to not have actually LOST 12 balls of a merino/cashmere blend.

At any rate, while I'm looking for that, the opportunity to catch you up on other projects I've been doing over the past few seasons has arisen.

The Winter 2014 issue of the special magazine "knit.purl" (formerly known as knit.wear; they've just changed it and the front cover design for extra fun and appeal) from Interweave Press has just been made available, and now I can talk about the fact that I'm in it!

© Interweave Press

These are "Minaret" mittens, a pattern I designed two winters ago as a holiday gift for our daycare provider. It's inspired by stonework motifs on the the Kalayan Minaret, in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which is a stunningly beautiful piece of architecture. Legend has it that its beauty was so inspiring that it was the only structure spared by Genghis Khan when he razed the city in the thirteenth century.

I was super proud of this particular design. At the risk of sounding (extremely) conceited, I think it's gorgeous, and have been practically bursting at the seams for almost two years wanting to share it with everybody...and now I CAN! :)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Some of the knitting I did this spring was feverish, obsessive design work. Do you know how it is when you get an idea, and you work it out, and write up the pattern and charts, and then suddenly, you've somehow managed to knit prototypes in three different sizes?

Yeah. Meet "Wuv":

It's cute, it's squishy, it's a quick knit, it's unisex in style and construction (i.e. if you want/need to cut the buttons off one side and re-sew them to the other, you can do that), it's a great layering piece if a little one needs some extra warmth...just a lot of good things in one small package, really.

It comes in five different sizes, from 12 months to 6 years. Here's another size that I did for my cousin's baby's first birthday a few months ago:

And as previously mentioned, I did a third one, also in emerald green, in the 2-year size. I haven't finished it up or taken photos of it yet, though. I may frog it for the yarn, since it's too small for DD3 (who will be turning three later this month).

Oh, and did I mention that it's easy to play in?

If you like it too, you can go ahead and...



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