Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Blast from the past

 Almost a decade ago now (oh my gawd), there was a fibre arts challenge that went 'round the Internet called "The 12 in '12 Challenge". The idea was that you would pick something to make twelve of during the 2012 calendar year, and then go do it. What you picked depended completely on what would be a challenge to you personally. I saw people committing to make twelve pairs of socks, twelve sweaters, twelve completed projects in general, etc. etc.

I've no idea why this challenge captured my imagination, but it did. I wanted to do something, but I couldn't think of any item that I genuinely wanted to have twelve of at the end of the year that would be an actual challenge to me to do in twelve months. So as a fledgling designer trying to get my name out there, I spun the challenge on its head a little bit, and decided that I would submit twelve proposals to magazines, for brand-new designs, in twelve months.

I met the challenge (actually I think I did 13 or 14 in the end), but this design - which was accepted, to my giddy delight! - was the very first one I came up with.

© Christa Tippmann, Jane Austen Knits, used with permission

This is the Beloved Baby Bonnet. It was published in the second edition (summer 2012) of Interweave's Jane Austen Knits magazine. It represents the first time ever that my work appeared in a print magazine, and an incredibly popular and high-quality issue at that. It was a thrilling experience, especially since the pattern came out exactly how I wanted it, I was so pleased.

© Christa Tippmann, Jane Austen Knits, used with permission

After the magazine went off the shelves, Interweave made it available as a single pattern purchase through their independent revenue program, and I got royalties off of sales of the pattern there. When Interweave restructured to avoid bankruptcy, the rights to sell the pattern got bought by Long Thread Media, and I got royalties off of sales of the pattern there. However, LTM has recently decide to change their business model a bit, and are reducing the number of royalty-incurring patterns in their online store. As a result, I now have the right to sell the publisher's version of the pattern myself!

Thus, I'm absolutely thrilled to make it available here on my website. To my knowledge, there are no errata contained in the publisher's version (there were issues with the first version published in Jane Austen Knits, but I have compared that with the version I'm selling and the errata have been corrected in the PDF, so yay). I have reduced the price from what LTM was selling it for, to bring it in line with my own product pricing structure. If you'd like to view more details about the pattern, I have a Beloved Baby Bonnet product page.

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