Saturday, July 21, 2012

I forgot to mention

I just realised that a few months ago I posted an instructional video on YouTube and completely forgot to mention anything about it here! Sorry about that.

So, on the "better late than never" ticket, here it is.

The topic: How to do Kitchener stitch by knitting instead of sewing.


Maaju said...

Hey, that's great! :) Thanks for the tutorial. I have nothing against kitchener stitch (I find it's very logical) but this just eliminates the need to have a darning needle at hand. This will save me a lot of trouble in that regard (I'm knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's mystery blanket from The Knitter's Almanac, and there's a ton of kitchener stitch in that pattern.)

Verona said...

I’d like to have this in the written form.
I find it very difficult to follow the videos.