Monday, August 04, 2014

Sweet set

You may remember that back in February, Knit Now published a baby layette set that I'd designed. It contained a bonnet, scratch mittens, and booties, and was called "Darling". I was very pleased with how it turned out:

Darling set

© Practical Publishing

(Seriously, that baby is so cute; I feel so happy every time I see that shot because of her sweet little face!)

Well, the rights for these designs recently reverted back to me, so I wanted to package them up into a single (virtual) booklet to sell. Of course, at the time, the magazine still had my photography samples (although right at this moment, those samples are actually in the post winging their way back to me), so I needed to knit up new ones. This was not exactly a hardship since they are cute, fun, and fast. And I had just enough of some lovely bamboo yarn to do everything in the smaller size. So, knit 'em up I did:

Darling set in bamboo

Where the mittens were concerned, I did change the pattern somewhat from how it appeared in the magazine originally: I rewrote the instructions so that the mittens would be shorter. This is because in hindsight, I felt the original directions created mittens that might be too long. However, you can of course lengthen or shorten the mittens to taste; the instructions tell you how.

One of my favourite things about this set is the detail on both the instep and heel flap of the booties:

Darling set in bamboo, booties instep

Darling set in bamboo, booties heel

If you like the set too, you can go right ahead and...


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