Thursday, October 10, 2013

Something's gotta give

It is a sad truth that when I am diligent about spending my after-work, at-home time on responsible, grown-uppy things like checking children's homework agendas, driving children to lessons, making progress on designs, keeping up on the laundry, cleaning the house, and running vital errands...that blogging takes a back seat. (Similarly, I have no idea what's been happening in my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and I'm sure my PVR is about to explode from all the unwatched shows it's been storing.) So, I'm sorry for the radio silence, but...gah. Gotta love back-to-school season.

There's not much to show you today, mostly because the thing I've been working on diligently for the past few weeks is something for a magazine submission, and I have to keep it under wraps. (Although I'm super-excited about it!) However, I can say that I'm making good progress on the holiday knitting - I took advantage of the Knit Picks Hallowe'en "orange and black" sale and bought a big mess of black sock yarn (which I'm always running out of around here), plus a few other things I need for planned gifties, and a few books I've been hankering after which were also on sale. I'll take a picture of the haul when it gets here. :)

Also, last night I started DD2's gift. It's the Butterfly Shrug by Lorraine Hearn. I'm using the leftover royal purple from my niece's gift and hoping like hell that the yardage doesn't run out. I cast it on at Knit Night yesterday. So far, I'm done the butterfly's body and have made good headway on one of the back sides.

Visuals coming soon!

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Danielle Baines said...

I also splurged at KnitPicks' Halloween sale. Stroll Tonal sock yarn in Harvest for a sweater for me and some Imagination Hand Painted sock yarn in Galactic and Magic Wand because for socks. Of course, none of that will happen until after Christmas...