Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Christmas

Four months to go.

Fortunately, I have another gift done!

Anyone who doesn't want to know what I'm giving my niece should look away at this point.

While we are waiting for those-who-wish-to-be-surprised to avert their eyes, I give you this delicious picture of my newly-minted two-year-old:

Birthday shot!

Yes, TWO. When did time start going so quickly?

At any rate, yes, the Christmas knitting. My plan was to make the Good Tree Cardigan by Laura Brown, using glow-in-the-dark yarn as the contrast colour. When I went to buy said yarn, however, I discovered that no one makes glow-in-the-dark yarn anymore and that it is very yard to get your hands on any. I think this is ridiculous, since I imagine that there are children all over the world who would go absolutely crazy if someone gave them anything made out of glow-in-the-dark yarn, but there you have it. I was therefore forced to resort to flourescent yarn instead. I found a fabulously garish yellowy-green ("neon yellow") from Caron ("Simply Soft Brites") and also bought a royal purple of the same yarn to go with it, and in very short order, I had a cardigan. Yesterday I wove in all the ends, today I bought a matching button and sewed it on, and therefore, I present:

Completed, front

Completed, back

Completed, 'in action'

The photography cannot possibly convey how glowy the neon yarn is. I think it all looks super-cool together. Nothing that I would wear, of course, but when you are ten going on eleven I think it is probably the height of awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors. I don't think you could possibly improve on this cardi!

I found glow in the dark yarn on the US ebay - here's one link

HOW did DD3 get to be 2??