Monday, September 23, 2013

Something I can show you

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting lately! I did up a new design, which took a fair bit of knitting - there was the sample to test out the idea, then (after some strategic yarn purchasing) an initial prototype. I set that aside as my holiday gift for BIL#2, and used the remaining yarn to make a revised sample. Then I sent off the design proposal. Then I had three samples (all part of a set) to do up and send off last week.

So...a lot accomplished! And absolutely none of that is anything I can show you!

Fortunately, there is this:

In progress, 2013-09-23

That is the almost-done beret (yes, really, a beret; obviously I haven't blocked it around a dish yet) which I decided about a week ago to make for DD1's dance teacher as a holiday gift. I just need to cut the yarn, thread the tail through the remaining stitches, sew the band together, and weave in the ends. And that will take me to seven out of thirteen gifts completed!

Oh, and here's another thing I can show you:

25 months!

She hit 25 months on the weekend. My behbeh...

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Anonymous said...

she's sooooo cute! Love he hair.