Monday, September 09, 2013


I continue to make headway on the holiday knitting. I now have five completed gifts (of thirteen; it used to be fourteen but I found a beautiful gift for our daycare provider that I could buy, and thereby reduce my Christmas deadline insanity by 7.7%). I present my older BIL's mittens:

Completed, both sides showing

I know that looks weird, not having the mittens sitting there mirrored to each other - but the mittens are different on each side (palm vs. back-of-hand), and I wanted to demonstrate the difference in a single photo. The pattern is my own "Woodcutter Mittens", from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2013. The yarn is leftover alpaca from a sweater project I made for DH a number of years ago, and it feels really dreamy. It also matches perfectly to various gifts I've made for this BIL in the past - a sweater, a hat, and a scarf (the last one of which I had help making from DD1).

That actually leaves fewer than eight full projects left to go, because I am very close to finishing DD1's socks, and am also done all the knitting on my younger BIL's present - I just need to buy buttons, sew them on, and weave in ends. Another thing that helps is that I know just what I'm making for my brother and DD2's teacher; I just have to do it.

So we're getting there. 101 days left to get it all done.

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