Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gifts a-plenty

So I've revised my holiday knitted gifts list down to a more reasonable level (I think), and started working on it in earnest. (Family members, LOOK AWAY NOW PLEASE!)

  1. Morgan hat for Dad

    When last we left this, I had realised it came out much too small to fit my dad, and that I would have to frog it all and restart. I still have to do this.

  2. Two pairs of socks for Mom

    One pair, as I've already mentioned, is done. And I've started the other one:

    In progress, 2012-10-10

    Although if I get crunched for time, I'll drop the idea of making a second pair.

  3. Hat for my brother

    This is a complete non-surprise for him, because he has a very specific kind of hat in mind that he wants me to knock off, and we've been discussing the details extensively. I haven't started it, but I have charted the essential pattern and found the yarn for it, which is an excellent start. Next task: find out his head circumference.

  4. Durrow sweater for DH

    Haven't touched this in a while. Still hoping I won't run out of yarn on the sleeves.

  5. Secret Garden cardigan for DD3

    When last we left this, I was totally stalling on continuing because I was convinced I was going to run out of yarn before finishing the collar and button bands. That's still where I am, but I am at least resolved to buy some more yarn (different yarn, same colour, which should be fine since it's probably just the button bands I'd need to use it for) if I do indeed run out, rather than ripping the whole thing back and starting again.

  6. Socks for BIL#1



  7. Socks for BIL#2


    In progress, 2012-10-10

  8. Mittens for our daycare provider

    The nice thing about this gift is that I can give it to her as a New Year's present, as she doesn't celebrate Christmas. One extra week to work on it, ha ha! But I have found some spectacular motif inspiration for this, and am really looking forward to designing it. The trick will be to resist doing that until I've made better headway on the projects which all have an earlier deadline.

  9. Cowl for DD1's teacher

    Done! No pictures though, sorry. I'm hoping a magazine will like the design.

  10. Mittens for DD2's teacher

    Yarn has been purchased, motifs have been decided upon, and right now I'm just figuring out gauge. I originally started with 4mm needles but I have a bad feeling that's going to make pretty breezy mittens, so I'm going to try seeing what gauge I get with 3.5mms instad.

  11. Fingerless mitts for DD1's dance teacher

    Anne Neumann's Musica pattern has been in my queue for ages, and I thought it would work really nicely for this purpose. DD1 concurs, although she's asked if maybe I could replace the bass and treble clefs with pointe shoes, or some other ballet-related motif? So I'm going to try.

You'll notice I've dropped the projects for DD1 and DD2 - that's in the interest of my own sanity. I make them stuff throughout the year, so this is not a tragedy. And hey, if I finish everything with time to spare, I'll cast on for them. Although admittedly, if I have time to spare, I'm much more likely to cast on something for my niece instead.

I also picked up a new piece of gift knitting that needs to be finished for this weekend, which is the grand 10th anniversary celebration of one of my bestest friends. :) It's a challah cover:

In progress, 2012-10-10

It may look like I'm doing well there, but even after that lace edging gets finished, it has to be sewn to the main section; then there's a cable to be knitted that has to be sewn over the edging seam; and then there's embroidery. Things could get tight.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you are really ambitious - and fast.

The challah cover is lovely