Thursday, July 19, 2012

Traction: I don't haz it

At the end of May, I blogged that I'd realised I had sixty WIPs kicking around the house, assuming I finished DH's birthday socks and DD2's cardigan. Well, as already seen, I finished those socks; and recently, I finished the cardigan:

Completed, 'in action', front

Completed, 'in action', back

(As predicted, it fits DD1, not DD2.)

Plus I've finished some more items besides, and I now find myself with...sixty-two WIPs.

Oh dear.

And I thought I was doing so well.

I mean, seriously - in the last three months or so, I've finished a cardigan, a pair of Pemberley Slippers, three glitzy scarves, a felted purse, two pairs of socks, three cupcakes, a blanket, a vest, two prototypes of which I cannot speak, and a tank top. That's not shabby! And yet, I am further behind on my WIP count than when I started.

(Yes, I am perfectly aware that the reason for this is that many of those finished projects were also new projects on top of the monstrous pile of WIPs I already had. Someday, Mia Michaels will choreograph an emotionally gripping piece about the compelling, seductive power of Startitis and its hapless knitter victim, and then everyone will understand how this could happen to me.)

But goshdarnit, I am determined to make some inroads on that huge total. It isn't, however, going well.

  • Although I'm over halfway through my latest prototype, I realised that I need to totally re-jig a part of it, which means ripping and redoing.
  • I was making excellent progress on DH's Durrow sweater, and then ran out of yarn. This seemed odd, since I thought I had slightly overbought just to be absolutely sure, which makes me think that maybe I am missing one ball? (Unfortunately, I wasn't really keeping track as I went.) So I'm going to call my mom and ask if maybe a ball rolled out of my bag at her place. And lordy, I hope it did, because the alternative is to rip back both almost-done sleeves and redo them a little shorter. (This will fortunately not affect the fit since the sleeves ended up longer than they were supposed to be, which is one reason why I think that the last ball of yarn hasn't gone missing at all but is rather part of the sweater already.)
  • I want to finish off all the making-up on my dad's Morgan hat but still haven't gotten around to it.
  • I got DD2 to try on the Mythos cardigan I started for her about two years ago to see just how badly she's outgrown it. The answer: not too badly, but considering she'll probably be wearing it this fall, it needed to be bigger. So last night I ripped it out and started again, with bigger needles. I should have enough yarn even with the size increase, because the original version had sleeves which were mondo long on her. (Famous. Last. Words.)
  • Oh, and I started a new design prototype.

Moreover, yarn support (times two) should be arriving soon, and I'll have to dump everything for those. (But believe me, I'm NOT complaining about that! :)


Anonymous said...

Love that cardigan - looks like DD does also!

Anonymous said...

Love that cardigan - looks like DD does also!

I agreed with your comments about the games formerly known as the ravel------!