Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spins a web, any size

So in the last blog entry I made before I buggered off for two months, I mentioned that one of my co-workers was expecting, after many years of trying, and that I was going to celebrate that in a big way by making another Spiderman blanket. And indeed I did.

Unfortunately, by the time I was able to start the project...

In progress, 2010-11-07

...I had only about three weeks left to do it, and it's a project that takes a lot of knitting. So I ended up doing one less stripe of red than the pattern calls for. It still turned out really sizeable, though. Here it is taking up almost the entire width of my queen-size bed:


(Every time I do this pattern I am struck by how freakin' awesome it is. Seriously, if anyone ever takes you to task because they don't think knitting is "cool", show them this and I'm sure they'll shut right up.)

He loved it. Was really touched. Which of course was exactly what I was going for. Spiderman FTW! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love this pattern. Your's is beautiful. Where can I find this pattern. Thanks, Carol
Baiot3@aol.com if you want to email me the infor. In fate I love you whole site!

Anonymous said...

Carol again, sorry about the misspelling. I needed a new key board. Such is life.

Carrie#K said...

It is really cool! And you knit that in what time? No, don't tell me again. /weeps quietly. ;)

RaeWhit said...

How did you manage to keep it all on a 50 inch circular needle? I'm struggling with that, and think I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for answering. Cyn