Sunday, July 25, 2010

Laughing in the face of deadlines

Sometimes I can be pretty stupid with the knitting.

First of all, I'm trying to finish up samples for a design proposal. The proposal has to be done in a few weeks, but the samples are going to be a gift for a very pregnant co-worker whose group goodbye-and-present-giving is probably going to be in just a few days, so I really have to hustle. (As I'm submitting it to a magazine, I can't show it to you, obviously. But I love it, think it is super-cute, and have gotten fantastic squeak reactions from my co-workers who are in on the surprise.)

Secondly, we have this:

In progress, 2010-07-25

Why, you may be wondering, is she showing us the same blanket-for-her-brother's-Christmas-present that we saw last week? Aha! It is not the same blanket-for-my-brother's-Christmas-present that I showed you last week, i.e. this:

In progress, 2010-07-21

Yes, I know, they look exactly the same. However, the second picture is the one I started last weekend, and the first picture is of the new one that I started on Friday. It uses smaller needles, I didn't double up the fuzzy cream yarn this time, and as a result of both of these changes, I like it a lot better. I don't know if it's going to end up being big enough, but I can probably add a few more colour blocks at the side and top if needed. But yeah, massive Christmas project and I ditched an entire weekend's worth of knitting to start it all over again. Smart.

But wait! There's more!

I found this pattern by "Anadiomena" (MoreKnits). She does great baby and kid stuff, I'd already had her favourited as a designer on Ravelry long before I found that fantastic little skirt. Anyway, I emailed her to ask if she could put me on her mailing list to be notified once the pattern became available, and next thing I knew, she was asking me if I wanted to test knit it, and she really needed someone to do the 6-8 year size, and my older daughter is 7 years old, and I'd have about 4-6 weeks to finish it, and...and...

In progress, 2010-07-25


Like I said, pretty stupid with the knitting.

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