Thursday, September 24, 2009


Have you seen this? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!?

Hat heel pattern makes Ravelry top 10!

That thar is my little sock pattern appearing in the top ten list on the main 'patterns' page on Ravelry! It's been there for more than a day! Ho. Lee. $#!+. It is to squee.

(In celebration, DH and I polished off the rest of the bottle of ice wine that we'd cracked out when the issue went live.)

In other designing news, my new blanket pattern is pretty close to being ready to publish. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday (mostly of the blanket artfully draped over my younger daughter's crib and/or posed with some of her cuter and least commercially-recognizable baby toys), and plugged in the charts and a number of other details into the pattern write-up. This morning I cast on for the sample of the centre cable pattern. Since this sample is being used for a close-up shot, it needs to follow the chart PRECISELY, so that's what I'm doing. This exercise is also useful because it's highlighting some last-minute changes which need to be made to the chart.

Of course, this being knitting, the process is painfully slow, especially since I may need to knit it at least twice to try out a few things a bit differently and see which way I like them the best, and then reflect any changes in the chart. This slowness is difficult to reconcile with my eagerness to publish the darn thing. :) So instead, I'm going to try and distract us all with project knitting...

Mi Escuelita for Devangi
First sleeve is almost done! Alas there is no picture, because I very stupidly forgot to unplug my camera from the computer the last time I was uploading shots, and ran the battery down...which I only just remembered about now when I went to take a picture of the sleeve. (Duh.)

I also realised this afternoon that when we were at the school meet-the-teacher BBQ last night, and the intended recipient passed us in the school yard, I was knitting on it as she went by. Brilliant. But no big deal really...a) she was chatting with friends and didn't actually see us, b) she may not have registered the knitting even if she had seen us, and c) she'd never have known it was for her even if she did notice the knitting. So I'm quite safe.


K1Frog2 said...

Congrats on making the list! It is a really innovative idea you've got there.

Maureen said...

It's an amazing pattern, no wonder it's climbing the chart! Congratulations!