Friday, March 18, 2005


Self-designed sweater for baby MacDonald
Let's review, shall we? So far on this project, I have:
  • Done a few test swatches. These took some time.
  • Cast on for the project in green and worked on that for a while.
  • Decided I wanted to go with red and change the pattern a bit, so ripped out the green and cast on again in red and started the bottom ribbing.
  • Decided I wanted to change the ribbing a bit, so ripped out the red and started the bottom ribbing the new way.
  • Discovered at the end of row 1 that I'd cast on one too many problem. Combined the last two stitches in a P2tog, problem solved.
  • Discovered I had, FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A WEEK, twisted the knitting when I joined in the round. Rip.
  • Discovered at the end of row 1 that I'd cast on about ten too many stitches. No P2tog fix for that one, baby. Rip.
  • VERY CAREFUL CASTING ON OF EXACTLY 170 STITCHES. Double-checked the number of stitches.
    And guess what. This morning on the subway, it became clear that I had twisted the knitting again. Words cannot describe my feelings at this moment. This sweater is taking on almost MSF mittens proportions. I swear, I'm not doing this deliberately. In fact, it's pretty damn depressing. I have been thinking of myself as a good knitter, not to mention an intelligent person. Clearly, I am neither. I am very close to saying 'f**k it' and doing surgery. This is insanity.
    Cape Cod sweater for MIL
    At least something I'm making looks good.
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