Testing Call: Cables-and-textures poncho ('Throwover')

 (Updated August 11)

I'm seeking multiple test knitters to test a poncho pattern for correctness and usability. (Final title of pattern TBD, I've been calling it 'Throwover' just as a working name.)

This is a hip-length poncho which, at the sides, is intended to come down to right above the elbow. The front and the back are worked separately from each other, flat, and bottom-up. The neckline is worked in the round after joining the two pieces at the shoulders. It comes in women's sizes XS to 5X and includes both written and charted instructions. 

Testers needed

I'd like between 9 and 18 testers. If I can get as many as 18 testers, they would be as follows (sizing details also provided so you can make an educated selection of the size you want to make):

Size Which instructions to follow Measurements of wearer
Charted Written (most important) From right above elbow to centre of back (very flexible) Approximate bust circumference
XS tester 1 tester 2 16 inches 30 inches
S tester 3 tester 4 16.625 inches 34 inches
M tester 5 tester 6 17.25 inches 38 inches
L tester 7 tester 8 17.875 inches 42 inches
1X tester 9 tester 10 17.875 inches 46 inches
2X tester 11 tester 12 18.5 inches 50 inches
3X tester 13 tester 14 18.75 inches 54 inches
4X tester 15 tester 16 19.375 inches 58 inches
5X tester 17 tester 18 19.375 inches 62 inches

I'd love to get all sizes tested, with both charted and written instructions being used in some combination.

(Testing spots which have been taken are greyed out.)

Test essentials

  • Deadline and scope of work: Garment to be completed within 5-6 weeks from receipt of pattern. Project takes approximately 45,000 to 60,000 stitches to complete (depending on size), so about the equivalent of one and a half to two pairs of adult socks. (Fancy socks, given that there's cabling, lace, and a texture pattern.)
  • Skills needed: You need to be able to cast on, bind off, knit, purl, increase, decrease, work yarnovers, cable, work with stitch markers, and block to given measurements. Chart instruction testers will also need to be able to read charts.
  • Experience: Nothing particular required beyond the required skills and ability to meet the timeline.
  • How the test will be conducted: I'll be creating a communal space for all testers of this pattern on my Discord server and sending testers an invite. If Discord is an issue for you, let me know and we can conduct the test one-on-one via email instead.
  • My timezone: ET

Materials needed

  • Yarn: DK weight. The sample pictured was done in 100% baby alpaca, but I expect this pattern will work nicely with a variety of fibres. The key thing is to use a yarn with a smooth texture in a single colour (or a very slowly gradiating colour); the idea is the the cable and moss stitch patterns show up nicely. I estimate that you will need the following amounts of yarn to complete the garment:
    • XS size: 1,040 yards
    • S size: 1,110 yards
    • M size: 1,170 yards
    • L size: 1,215 yards
    • 1X size: 1,230 yards
    • 2X size: 1,290 yards
    • 3X size: 1,305 yards
    • 4X size: 1,380 yards
    • 5X size: 1,380 yards
  • Needles: The sample pattern used 3.5mm needles: one long circular (at least 32" long) and one short (16" long). You'll want to make sure you're using the right needle size to achieve gauge; note that the sample knitter (me!) has a big gauge; I suspect the average person is more likely to need a 4mm needle. 
  • Gauge: 18 stitches and 23 rows to 4" in moss stitch when blocked. As well, the 42-stitch edge pattern is 8.5" wide when blocked.
  • Additional materials:
    • Two spare lengths of yarn at least 44.5 to 51.25 inches long, depending on the size you're making
    • Two stitch markers
    • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Expectations of you

  • You'll follow the instructions in the pattern (including gauge)
  • You will not share the pattern instructions with anyone else (y'know, standard copyright stuff)
  • You'll ask questions if you have any
  • You'll provide quick how's-it-going updates about once a week, including any corrections and/or suggestions you may have
  • You'll tell me the yardage you used of each colour and how big the garment ended up being
  • You'll provide me with a photo when you're done (this is for my own information; I won't be sharing it anywhere)
  • You're free to talk about the project and post progress visuals on social media if you want to
  • (optional) Tell me your favourite photos of the pattern
  • (optional) Let me know any nifty suggestions you might have for the pattern name


  • Free copy of the final pattern once it's released
  • An additional single self-published pattern of mine (not including the pattern you're testing, of course) - see the available options
  • A garment for your own use when you're done!

How to sign up

Shoot me a message! Please include the following information:
  • Yarn you want to use
  • Which size(s) you're interested in making
  • Whether you prefer following charted or written instructions, or don't care either way
  • Where I can go to take a quick peek at other knitting projects you've made (I'm okay to use Ravelry)
I'll be replying to everyone who expresses interest, so please make sure your email address is spelled correctly in the contact form.

Thank you!

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