Monday, December 05, 2016

Picks from the queue

Highlighting nifty patterns that I bought as part of the Ravelry Gift-A-Long reminded me how fun it is to share wonderful patterns that I've discovered. So here's another selection of them!

First up...

This is Morvarch, by Lucy Hague, and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I adore cables, particularly Celtic cables, particularly clever Celtic cables (I didn't set out to alliterate, honestly, it just happened that way), and this piece is just seriously gorgeous. (Comely clever Celtic cables?)

This is Cathedral Rose, by Sharon Winsauer...and can we just talk about Sharon Winsauer for a minute? She is a freakin' lace genius and the above is just a small sampling of the gorgeousness that regularly emerges from her brain. She designs exactly the kind of crazy stuff that not only do I want to knit, but wish I had thought of to design first.

And finally...

Ramona's Sweater, by Karen Gress. There is so much awesomeness going on in this design - the flared shape, the ruffles at the edges, and the stand-out colourwork, not to mention the multiple colour combinations going on here. You might think that putting all this together would be too chaotic, but it works. I think it's fabulous, and exactly the sort of thing that kids tend to pull off so much better than grownups.

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