Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I bought

Today is the very last day of the 25%-off sale period for the 2016 Indie Design Gift-A-Long (ends at 11:59pm ET), so I thought I'd showcase the patterns I bought this year. My disposable income is very wee, so it's not a big list. But on the plus side, I really love every choice here.

First, of course, as I promised last post I would, there's Julie Yeager's "Roses and Ivy" blanket. It's an aspirational piece for me since I don't really crochet, but...someday...

After that I moved on to knitting patterns (y'know, stuff I can actually make). Triona Murphy's "Sweet Gemma" was a must-grab due to its gorgeousness in a classic, understated way:

I then kept going on the blanket pattern kick with something that had my mouth watering when the fingering-weight version of it first came out. The worsted-weight version is eligible for the Gift-A-Long 25% discount, so I nabbed it! It's the stunning "Persian Dreams" by Jenise Hope:

(This is the same designer, by the way, who created the equally-amazing "Friesland" from last spring/summer's Twist Collective, so she's got a terrific aesthetic.)

And lastly, we have something I haven't a hope of pronouncing (as my skills with Icelandic are non-existent), but am sure going to have a wonderful time knitting up at some point: Anna Dalvi's "Eyjafjallajökull" shawl:

And that's my haul for this year! What did you get? Or, what are you planning to get in the next fifteen hours?

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Anonymous said...

You got a great haul! I love the GAL and always get plenty of lovely patterns.

My last minute purchase this year was Milo, a child's vest. I think I will be making it for a co-worker's baby shower.