Friday, November 18, 2016

I certainly like knitting

Pattern release catch-up time!

In September, the October issue of I Like Knitting came out, and I was in it!

(c) 2016 Prime Publishing LLC
This is the "Checkmate Cowl", which is exactly the sort of pattern which comes along when I learn a new technique (like entrelac) and start thinking about how to make it more complicated in cool ways (like adding intarsia).

In this case, the checkerboardish nature of the squares in entrelac inspired me to try and design something like a chessboard all set up for playing.

(c) 2016 Prime Publishing LLC
Once I had the idea, all that remained was the execution. Unsurprisingly, this one took a whoooole bunch of trial and error, but by the end of it I had a cowl which made me feel like an extremely clever person! :)

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