Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm back on Etsy!

A few days ago, Etsy announced that they had implemented the updates to their site needed to collect the European Union VAT from sales of digital items. Hooray! This meant I could re-open my Etsy shop, which I've now done. I also added three new patterns to my Etsy shop which I'd begun selling since having to put my shop on 'vacation' mode; the Tracery vest:

The Jianzhi cowl:

And the Balthazar's Jumper socks:

And of course I'll be adding more as I make new patterns available. 

You can find me on Etsy at! It's great to be back.

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Elliot Roderick said...

You really have some good knitting skills and imagination! I especially like the Tracery vest that you made, as it somehow reminded me of stain glass windows found in churches. Also, I can see that you’re selling your patterns for quite a bargain. How long does it take for you to make a vest or a scarf? Good luck to you and your shop, Kathleen!

Elliot Roderick @ CityClip Media