Friday, May 08, 2015

What is up with my brain

It is with great triumph that I announce that the entrelac socks...ARE FINISHED.

Here they are on the feet of the delighted recipient, who wore them at the first possible opportunity (always an excellent sign):

These were incredibly fiddly socks. They took a really long time, the interminable squares were tedious to knit, and, new discovery: entrelac is a serious yarn hog, because with the exception of a few yards, these socks took up all of both 50g balls of yarn. By contrast, plain stockinette socks for DD1 generally take up less than 60g of superwash sock weight all told. (I guess DD3 ain't getting wee socks from the leftovers this time!)

So, what did I immediately turn right around and start?

An entrelac design project.

Yes, seriously.

(Le sigh.)

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