Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Virtuous once more

I finally got back to making DD1's lace overtunic. It became her birthday gift from me (and she's squinting here only because I made the mistake of making her look directly into the sun when taking the shot, my bad):

Unfortunately you can't see the lace pattern very well against the striped t-shirt underneath, so here's the selfie I took of it on me after I finished:

Yes, she's now so big that our tops are starting to fit each other. However, she's still rather smaller than I am because the armholes were too tight on me. If I ever make this for myself (and frankly, I'm pretty sure I will), I'll add a few more repeats of the lace pattern before the armhole, one more repeat for the armhole depth, and one or two more repeats for the neck.

I also got started on some Bayerische Socks for DH for his upcoming birthday:

Unfortunately, I used up more than half the yarn in that first sock. And it's a top-down sock. And it's fiddly. So...I'm not sure what I'm going to do, since I sure as hell don't want to rip the first sock all the way back to where I should have started the heel. I think my plan is going to be to make the second sock with one less pattern repeat on the leg, and then make the leg of the first sock shorter by cutting, ripping out the extra repeat, and then doing a truly tricksy graft IN THE TWISTED-STITCH CABLE PATTERN to put the two pieces back together.

(I rather suspect DH will instead be receiving a partially completed pair of socks for his birthday. Poop.)

I also got started back on the "Dragon" woobie for my co-worker. It's mostly done now, I just need to do the edging around the square (in green):

The kicker here is that the edging in the pattern is crocheted. Not simple stuff that I can hack, either, there are abbreviations in there I've never even heard of. So I'm going to hit my stitch dictionaries and find a knitted alternative.

However, in addition to all this "responsible knitting", I must admit that I did do some backsliding. I did an entire sweater for DD1:

For Mother's Day my family gave me five balls of Classic Elite "Pebbles" yarn, so of course I had to figure out what to make with it, and then of course I had to cast it on. I'm combining it with some recycled yarn from a thrift store sweater to make a vest for DH. The pattern I'm using has been in my queue ever since it came out: Analog, by Kyle Kunnecke. Here's what it looked like a few weeks ago, it's since grown somewhat:

And that's about the size of my knitting since my last blog post! I'm hoping this spat of virtuousness will last, because I've still got my cousin's baby blanket to design and make, and not much more time to do it in!

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