Saturday, February 07, 2015

What I haven't blogged about yet

I'm juuuust about caught up from the incredible backlog of project discussion which resulted from not blogging for a whole bunch of months last year. There are just a few more projects that I haven't written about yet. And here they are...

Firstly, for my latest birthday, I got a ball of Estelle SockItToMe Bold in a very cheery rainbow-ish colourway:

Yarn: Estelle SockItToMe Bold

I very quickly started up a Nymphalidea - a gorgeous shawl pattern from Knitty by Melinda VerMeer that's been in my queue ever since it came out. I paired it with some plain black sock yarn, and got going.

Nymphalidea, in progress

Very beautiful...but not as cheery a look as what I was hoping for. I wasn't completely happy with it. About a month later, I frogged it to get the black sock yarn back for something else. I will be starting this again at some point in the future, this time with probably a solid white instead of the black.

I was also very very lucky at the Lettuce Knit holiday party and won two sets of prizes. I didn't keep everything that I won (fair's fair), but one thing I definitely hung onto were two skeins of Julie Asselin Sevilla in the "Paon" colourway:

Julie Asselin Sevilla, Paon colourway

This kind of  crazy variegation usually isn't my thing, but I did love the purples and the yarn felt super-nice. I figured that I would find a pattern eventually that worked well with it.

That same day, the Winter issue of Knitty came out, containing Wavedeck (by Kate Atherley). Three days later I cast on for it. I had to put it aside a lot to get the Christmas knitting finished; and even when it was done it took me a while to get around to blocking it. Nevertheless, sixteen days after casting on, I had this:

Wavedeck, completed

Wavedeck, completed, closeup
(Closeup so you can see the colours properly.)
I really like it. This was one of those patterns that you "gobble up", if you know what I mean. I'm not sure whether I will end up keeping or gifting it, but it was a joy to make!

Then, for Christmas, my daughters each gave me some FibraNatura Whisper Lace, for a total of three balls, or 1320 yards. This seemed just about perfect for a pattern that I've had for a while now, Desert Sun, by Renee Leverington of Goddess Knits. I've cast on but haven't gotten very far yet as other things got in the way.

Desert Sun, in progress

I'm sure I'll pick it back up again someday.


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