Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Finishing off Christmas

I know I posted a lot in the months leading up to Christmas about my Christmas knitting plans, but I haven't posted completed photos of some projects yet. Also, as with so many things, the plans changed partway through, and, well, uh...moreprojectswerekindofaddedtothelistdon'tshootmeI'monlyhuman.

Firstly, after endless-seeming slogs, I finished my dad's Naniboujou socks:

Naniboujou socks, finished

They came out awesome, my dad loved them, I'm super pleased with how they look...I will simply never knit this pattern again. There's nothing wrong with the pattern, you understand, and honestly I'm not sure what's wrong with me that I feel this way because it's just made up of a simple colourwork motif that shouldn't be a problem at all...but actually making these things felt (for me) like it was taking forever. YMMV. (In fact, I certainly hope YMV, because those socks really look great.)

Also finished was my husband's sweater, which I'm not going to picture here because I haven't bothered taking a final shot yet. This is the sweater on which I spent copious amounts of time in 2014 frogging from its original version (made in size L), and (after meticulously soaking and stretching each ball of reclaimed yarn to eliminate the kink) re-knitting in a smaller size so it would actually fit him (size M). And what happened? It's still too damn big, is what happened!

So discouraging.

So I don't know what the future holds for the sweater now. I suspect I will be frogging it again, but I really don't have the heart to try and re-do it in the size S. I think, despite my (late) MIL's wishes for this yarn for her son, that I will find another pattern to use for this yarn. (She would understand. She definitely would not want me to lose my mind over this.) Perhaps I will even design said pattern myself. We shall see.

Another project I finished which was not Christmas knitting was my Water for the Elephants socks:

Water for the Elephants socks, sides 
Water for the Elephants socks, insteps 
Water for the Elephants socks, sole and gusset

I LOVE THEM. I love them because they look fabulous and they feel fabulous, and Rose Hiver is a frickin' genius with colourwork.

And then, as Christmas really started getting nearer, I had an idea for more gifts. Because I am an idiot who doesn't know when to quit, apparently. I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I made fingerless mittens for all the other people in my cubicle foursome at work? Because it is always really freakin' cold in our part of the office? (Seriously. As in, my-nose-starts-getting-red-and-my-typing-speed-slows-way-down-because-I-can't-feel-my-fingers-properly kind of cold.)

Sure! Why not?

And so.

For my up-until-very-recently boss (we just had a re-org), who loves black and pink and sparkly things, I made Laura Rintala's Winter Twilight Mitts:

Winter Twilight Mitts, finished
(You probably can't tell from this shot, but the pink yarn is totally, totally sparkly)
For my co-worker who has a very beautiful grey cabled cardigan that she keeps at her desk when she's in need of warmth (i.e. all the freakin' time; see description of cold office above), I made Nanika Bayliss's Fancy Gauntlets:

Fancy Gauntlets, finished

And finally, for my co-worker who has at least two different tops in an absolutely gorgeous purply-fuschia because she loves the colour so much (and looks really good in it, I might add), I made Victoria Anne Baker's Treads, adapted to be mittens instead of gloves because her fingers bother her a lot and it was more comfortable for her to not have them separated:

Treads, completed

These had to be reknitted a few times, partly because I messed up the pattern and partly because I realised most of the way through the second mitten that I was going to run out of the main colour. So I did some stash-diving and found some leftover fingering weight yarn in the lighter pink colour you see there. I doubled it up, used it for the texture motif, and - bam! It looked even better than when I had made it in just the original darker colour. Fortuitous! (Annoying that I had to make about five mittens to end up with two, but still - worth it.)

All three of them were delighted with the surprise and I have been seeing the mittens get worn, which makes me feel awesome.

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