Saturday, August 02, 2014

Two sweaters, alike in dignity

(Still catching up on describing several months of blogless knitting.)

About two years ago, I bought a whole bunch of "Wool of the Andes" from Knit Picks in the "Hyacinth" colourway, in order to make Durrow by Jodi Green for my husband as a Christmas gift. The yarn came, I cast on, and I knitted really quite a bit of it:

In progress, 2012-07-09

The whole time I was knitting it, though, I was trying to convince myself that he wouldn't mind the colour. Do not get me wrong - I love the colour myself. It is a gorgeous, vibrant royal purplish-blue that I adore. But what I had been shooting for was a subdued, conservative purple, which is something I thought I could convince him - despite his surprisingly "it's a girly colour" aversion to purple - to wear. The Hyacinth, though...enh. Finally I accepted that it was just not a colour he would enjoy wearing, and decided to use something else instead.

And so, flash forward to December, I ordered some more Wool of the Andes, this time in the "Blackberry" colour. This time, I got the colour right. It's a dark eggplanty kind of purple, almost so dark you can't even tell it's purple. In January, I began work. I've since put it aside in favour of other projects, but I have gotten a fair bit done already, so my guilt is low, particularly since I think I'm going to turn it into next year's Christmas present.

Durrow, take two

Of course, this left me with a whole bunch of Hyacinth yarn that wasn't earmarked for anything. What could I use it for?

Back to Jodi Green again, of course...this time, for me. I cast on for the fabulous Mariah hooded cardi that's been in my queue for ages. I have a bad feeling I'm not going to have quite enough yarn for it, but we'll fall off that bridge when we come to it. (Worst case scenario, I could convert it into a hoodless cardi.) Again, good progress has been made - I'm almost done both sleeves - although it, too, has since been put aside.


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