Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clever people

Remember this?

It's my "Tracery" vest from Interweave's special issue, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. It's a design that I'm very proud of having thought up, but when I designed it, I didn't seriously think that a lot of people would actually make it, because although it's fairly simple stranded knitting with no yarn changes, it looks tremendously complicated and I thought it would scare a lot of people away.

To date, however, there are 51 projects for it on Ravelry! Many knitters are making, or have made, really beautiful vests. But I was surprised by the fact that many of those projects are not actually vests. Knitters have shown tremendous creativity in adapting the chart for their own fabulously diabolical purposes. And I really wanted to share them! (Although you'll have to follow the links to see what they look like, as I'm not sure of the legality of 'lifting' other people's photographs that they've uploaded to Ravelry. Trust me though, following the links will be worth it.)

Three cheers for creativity!

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