Sunday, November 10, 2013

See a need, fill a need

Thursday and Friday, my office was very cold. Or rather, I should say my cubicle was very cold; YMMV if you were sitting in other parts of the floor not near a large window. (I love being in a cube next to a window, but it does let the cold in.) I already have a nice wool shawl, "Bauble", that I made earlier this year:


I keep it at the office and throw it around my shoulders when I'm cold. Unfortunately, that doesn't help my hands, which need to be warm enough to type properly. So clearly, now that the weather is getting colder and our heating system obviously can't be relied upon to compensate for the temperature coming in through the window, I needed a matching pair of fingerless gloves. I decided to make Vino, from Knitty, by Carissa Browning. And I just wove in the last end:


Completed, 'in action'

I may have a wimpy tolerance for heat, but I'll have a stylish wimpy tolerance for heat!

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