Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holy bleep, that was fast

Last Sunday, as I mentioned in my last post, I placed an order with Knit Picks. I took advantage of their black-and-orange sale and their book sale to get some stuff I'd wanted for a while, plus I took the opportunity to order something which I needed for the holiday knitting (not on sale, but you can't have everything), plus I bought some other sale stuff on impulse. :) Oh, and DH piggybacked on my order to get some stuff for himself. :)

On Thursday, I got a note that it had shipped on Wednesday. So I figured I'd probably get it early/mid next week.


Knit Picks order

It showed up yesterday. That is some pretty damn fast shipping. Yay!

Firstly, we have ten balls of black sock yarn. Black sock yarn is in pretty high demand around here, so I wanted to re-stock my supply while the going was good. And it's not just for socks - I'm going to be making my brother a black-and-grey scarf for Christmas this year using some of this.

I also got Kerin Dimeler-Laurence's book, Illuminated Lines, which I've wanted ever since it came out.

Then there's the impulse stuff I got because of the black-and-orange sale: some pumpkin-coloured sock yarn (it is going to go fabulously with some "butternut" in the same yarn that I already have, for a Christmas cardigan for DD3), some gorgeous fall leaves-coloured roving, some orangey-yellowy-brown slowly-variegating sock yarn (which I also predict will turn into something for DD3, she's the only one around here who can pull off those colours without looking sickly) and some cream-coloured Capretta (it has 10% cashmere content) sock yarn for DD2's teacher's gift - I'll be making Musica by Anne Neumann (I already have some black Capretta left over from my Bukhara sample).

So - happiness through yarny goodness!

In not-so-happy news, the butterfly shrug for DD2 is coming along...but I think I'm going to run out of yarn. So I'm going to rip it all back and start again, conserving the purple yarn by using some flourescent yellow colour of the same type of yarn for contrasting bits. I'll be doubling it up for the butterflies' bodies, doubling it with the purple for the butterfly's wings, and maybe using it as the sleeve edging if the purple situation gets desperate enough. I'm not very pleased about this because frankly, although the finished garment itself is going to be really lovely, the actual making of it is not really fun (it involves a lot of stitch wrapping, which is a) slow and b) not actual knitting). But I love my kid, so here we go.

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