Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I see socks in my future

So...yeah. About two weeks ago, Little Knits was having a sale, including some very nice prices on a bunch of sock yarn, and half the proceeds of a specific day's sales were going to go to Oklahoma tornado recovery efforts. I couldn't resist. It's always good to have sock yarn around, right?

And...uh...now I have a lot of sock yarn around.

Regia Blitz Color, 02530 Regia Blitz Color, 02534 Regia Blitz Color, 02526 Regia Blitz Color, 02532 Regia Blitz Color, 02531 Regia Blitz Color, 02533 Regia Blitz Color, 02527 Regia Blitz Color, 02528 Regia Blitz Color, 02525 Regia Blitz Color, 02535 Austermann Royal, red Austermann Royal, blue

:::awkward throat-clearing:::

Shut up, it'll totally pay off when I need to whip up an emergency pair of gift socks!

Actually, I've already cast on with one of the balls. These socks are going to be for a guy that regularly comes by at my husband's work to chat him up (he's retired and apparently makes buddies with retail workers all over the city). He's apparently the loveliest guy, and actually gave us two gifts to pass on to our eldest daughter for her birthday - a dyed blue leather belt with an impossibly sparkly buckle; and an incredibly cool little pocket watch that looks like a metal ladybug (you squeeze the antennae to open it up and reveal the watch part). Not to put too fine a point on it, these were perfect for our newly-minted ten-year-old, she went into absolute raptures over them, and so I want to express my gratitude to this lovely man. Naturally, this will take place in the form of something knitted. :) And as it happens, my husband was actually able to steer their latest conversation very naturally towards the revelation of this gentleman's shoe size. Hee hee hee.

In progress, 2013-06-02
(It's much further along now, though - I'm almost finished the first sock.)

This is a further variation on my Hat heel sock pattern. I'd already come up with a variation which eliminated almost all of the picking up stitches along the gusset edges (an improvement which not only made the socks a lot less annoying to make but much stretchier around the foot); and now I've changed it some more so that you don't need to graft the two gussets together at the top of the instep (also an annoying process). With this pair of socks, I'm even going to see if I can reduce the number of ends to weave in (super-annoying). I'm thinking that I'll write up all these variations and make them available in an e-book which will also include one or two additional hat heel-style sock patterns. Not sure when I'll do all this, but I'm hoping to be able to pull it off before the end of the year. (Of course I reserve the right to edit that schedule as needed if anything weird crops up in my life.) D'you think there'd be any interest in an e-book like that?

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Anonymous said...

I'd be interested!

I was eying that very yarn at Little Knits, but , being a slow knitter, did not succumb. I will enjoy seeing what you do with it!