Saturday, June 08, 2013

Happiness through knitting

Gave these to DH for his birthday this week:


I keep thinking that one of these days, he's going to open one of my gifts, roll his eyes, and exclaim, "Socks? Again?!?"...but no. He continues to be delighted each and every time. As a result, I keep making him socks! This pair, upon first sight, got a frown-with-jawdrop expression of admiration, and an exclamation of, "This is a great colourway!!!" Then they immediately went on his feet, which began to wiggle happily thereupon. He says they fit great, and that they are one of his new favourite pairs. So...hooray!

I also ripped back all the lace bits of my Fabergé shawl, and started that part all over again with the purple. Then, when that ran out, I continued with the variegated. That ran out after about four rows, so today I went down to Lettuce Knit for WWKIP Day (where they were having a 15% off sale!) and bought another skein. I'm so gleeful at the thought of being able to finish this!

I did not, however, go on this shopping excursion alone. I took the kids! DD1 knit (thus being the only person in her family who actually honoured the day) while DD2 played with a loot bag treat from Friday night - a plastic cellphone that opens up to reveal a lollipop, which is pretty darn cool since you can stop eating the lollipop partway through, close up the "cellphone" and be able to resume lollipop licking whenever you want without having a sticky mess on your hands.


And DD3 greatly enjoyed communing with the owners' dog, Sunni: (Soonie? Soony? No idea how to spell it.)

Dog whisperer, Lettuce Knit, WWKIP 2013

Clearly, a good time was had by all. Unfortunately, we had to leave shortly after noon to get the car back home in time for DH to make his shift at work, otherwise we would have stayed longer and enjoyed the company of the people who showed up later in the day!

Happy WWKIP, all!

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