Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 9-month countdown

No, I'm not pregnant. :)

But yesterday did mark the point of nine-months-left-until-Christmas.

Yes, I know, nine months is a ridiculously long time, and how much Christmas knitting could there be, really?

  1. DH
  2. DD1
  3. DD2
  4. DD3
  5. Mom
  6. Dad
  7. Brother
  8. Niece
  9. BIL1
  10. BIL2
  11. DD1's teacher
  12. DD2's teacher
  13. DD1's dance teacher
  14. Daycare provider

Now, of course I don't have to knit for any of these people...but there are a lot of people on that list who are very hard to buy for, but really quite easy to knit for, so it makes a lot of sense to knit gifts for them. And then there are a lot of people on that list who, although they are very easy to buy for, are also very inspirational to knit for, so it warms my soul to knit gifts for them. And when you put both of those groups of people together, that's...the whole list. And so, the time to start freaking out about Christmas knitting, for me, is...now. In March.

Fortunately, I just finished one gift today!


Just thirteen more to go.

(In less demoralizing news, I recently completed the seventh of my seven deadline knitting projects. Hallelujah and let the fun knitting roll!)

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whiteroses said...

If it helps at all, my list is as follows:

1. DH
2. DS
3. Mom
4. Dad
5. Grandmother
6. SIL #1
7. SIL #2
8. SIL #3
9. BIL #1
10. BIL #2
11. SIL's boyfriend
12. Niece #1
13. Niece #2
14. Currently Gestating Niece or Nephew
15. MIL
16. FIL
17. Second cousin (we draw names, I got her this year, and I'm making her this: http://www.fibrespace.com/2013/03/orbits-necklace/
18. Hunting hat for third cousin

So if it helps you out, you're not the only one who's freaking out over it.