Friday, March 08, 2013

A new thing

By golly, it's been a while since I exclusively self-published a for-sale pattern - over a year! Not that I've been slacking off, of course. :) Everything else that's come out since then has either been free or published elsewhere. (Which is a fine thing to say.) But I thought it was time to do something all by myself again, and this little pattern seemed just the thing, especially as spring is coming. (Shut up, yes, it is. The fact that there are still massive piles of snow all up and down my street does not change that fact.)


This is "Old-Freshened" - a rather quick knit for a pair of wristwarmers that I think are very sweet.


They come in three circumferences (small, medium, large) and two lengths (short, long), and they make a great stashbuster - you'll need 60 to 125 yards of each colour, depending on what size you want to make.


The pattern is $2.99US - if you're keen, you can click on the link for the design on the left sidebar, or you could just go right ahead and...


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