Sunday, February 10, 2013

No time to relax

Did I say last time that I had three immovable deadlines?

Yes. Well, now I have six.

This is, at its essentials, wonderfully fantabulous news of course, since it means more acceptances have come in! (Technically two acceptances, but one of them was for a set of two garments, which to me means three additional projects with deadlines.) On the other hand, it's making my idea to take a panic knitting vacation seem rather smart. And actually, I've begun to wonder if I don't need to extend the one week of vacation into two?

So far, I don't think so. Yarn support for two of the projects arrived on Monday and I've made an excellent start on one of the samples. So excellent, in fact, that I've hit the limit of what I can do without first checking on a particular design point with the editor.

While waiting to clear that question up, I finished off DD2's three pairs of purple socks:


Six socks, all the same size, all made from one 100g ball of sock yarn, with slightly more than a yard left over. Aw, yeee-ah.

This week, I also finished off the preemie cap I made at my LYS's first charity knitting night:


Completed, open


Completed, closed

'in action'

Completed, 'in action', front view

(this was a good doll to model it on because I can demonstrate how the holes for tubes and wires work by using them for her ponytails)

Our second charity night was this past Wednesday, so I started and finished the knitting of a second hat:

In progress, 2013-02-10

(looking oddly like Boba Fett there)

Next, I'll be turning either back to my cousin's baby blanket project, or over to the second project for which yarn support has already come in, depending on my mood.

I'm really looking forward to later in the year when this flurry of deadline knitting is over and I can actually share all these mystery projects with you!

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