Monday, January 07, 2013

New year, new reasons to panic

So let's chronological order, here are the people that I might knit presents for this year...

  • DH: wedding anniversary
  • cousin: baby shower (no "might" about this one, though)
  • DD2: birthday
  • DD1: birthday
  • DD3: birthday
  • DH: birthday
  • tons of people: Christmas

Plus, of course, I'm hoping that I will be getting some design acceptances, which will mean having to knit sample pieces and write up patterns. So with any luck, it will once again be a busy year.

I think, though, that might not be knitting for my wedding anniversary. It's going to be our twelfth, which - as I've just Googled - is the "silk" anniversary. So I think DH may be getting yarn. :) (Or maybe a silk shirt.) My LYS has also just announced that they're hoping to bring Koigu into the shop soon (!!!), so that will probably work as a nice birthday treat for him.

For their birthdays, DD1 and DD2 will probably get socks for their ever-growing feet. :) DD3 I'm not sure about, but I have been hankering to make the Whirligig Shrug for ages, so I might use her birthday as an excuse. :)

Last night I discovered a major flaw in my plans for my cousin's baby's gift, though. I was charting things in anticipation of the yarn showing up next week, and suddenly I realised that I had set myself up to do intarsia in the round, which is impossible. (Damn. Why can't I bend the laws of knitting physics?) Fortunately I figured this out before casting on, so I've been able to come up with an alternate construction solution which I think (HOPE) will work okay.

As for Christmas - urg. I'm going to once again try to do the Durrow sweater for DH, which will mean finding new yarn first.

For my dad, I'm planning to make socks out of this:

Fortissima Mexiko grey

For my mom, I think the time has finally come to use the Handmaiden Sea Silk that I bought for her years ago:


I'll be using it to make the Maja shawl by Anniken Allis. The pattern requires more yardage than I have, but the notes say that it can easily be made smaller or larger. I might start that pretty soon, actually, to try and get a jump on the end-of-year knitting.

My brother, as I've mentioned before, is getting a scarf to match the hat he got this past Christmas. The BILs, though, I'm not sure about. I'd like to make them both sweaters (BIL#1 one of my own design which is coming out later this year, and BIL#2 Kilkenny by Lorraine Condotta), but that might be too ambitious, especially with multiple other big projects planned. So we'll see. I might just end up doing socks instead to save my sanity, and save the sweaters for another year.

For my niece, I'd like to make Good Tree Cardigan by Laura Brown. I was thinking it would be extra-cool to use glow-in-the-dark yarn for the contrast colour. :)

I've no idea what I'm going to knit my girls for Christmas, but I'm sure it'll come to me. (And knowing me, I'm sure it'll be ridiculously over-ambitious.) The various teachers and care providers in our lives will also, of course, get handknits, but what exactly they'll be remains to be seen.

So...a big year ahead.

Yeah. I think I should probably start my mom's gift right now. Excuse me...


Danielle Baines said...

Your niece would LOVE glow-in-the-dark yarn! You could knit it into bean bags and she's be delighted. As part of a sweater (or hat or mitts or whatever moves you and fits in the schedule) she would be over the moon. :)

Danielle Baines said...

Also, that's some gorgeous silk for your mom.

Kathleen said...

Good to know, thanks Danielle! :) Now I just have to *find* some (although I suspect my local Zellers/Target/whatever or Michaels will carry that sort of thing).

The Sea Silk is indeed awesome. I'm so looking forward to knitting with it.