Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Limited visuals

So I ordered this, which arrived recently:

Knit Picks Stroll Multi, Sunset

That's six balls of Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the "Sunset" colourway. Once that was in my possession, I took some of the "Barn Red" Stroll I already had from a previous order:

Knit Picks Stroll, Barn Red

Plus a whole lot of charting I'd been doing (wildly successful charting, as the swatches happily demonstrated), and began my cousin's baby blanket.

No pictures, as I will probably eventually submit it somewhere, but let me assure you it is turning out (so far; please don't smack me down, goddesses of knitting) AWESOME. Yesterday I finished the first quarter, and last night I blocked it, so that I would be able to figure out gauge for the edging. Once it's dry, I'll start the second quarter.

(And incidentally, having done that first quarter, it looks like I way over-ordered the yellow yarn. Not a problem, though; it's a colour that will suit DD3 bee-yew-tifully; with luck, I'll be able to use it to make this fabulous thing.)

In the meantime, I've been working on a few other things. Firstly, the knitting of the first of the grey Christmas socks for my dad is done. (No picture yet.) Secondly, I've been working through the ball of purple sock yarn I got for Christmas, which I am still sure I could get three pairs of socks out of for DD2. So far I've completed the knitting on the first two socks; the complete feet of the next three socks; and am almost done the complete foot of the last sock. (Again, no pictures yet.) Once that's done, I'll weigh the remaining yarn to see how much I have left, and will start work on the legs of the last four socks.

(Sadly, I fully expect there's going to have to be some adjustments made after the yarn is gone, because I think I made the legs of the first two socks too long for the amount of yarn I have, considering that I want all six socks to be exactly the same size.)

I've also gotten to work on another design, and cast on the prototype today. So far, so great!

Lastly, today I submitted my first pattern proposal of the new year! It's a design I came up with a while ago, but it needs a good home. :) Keeping my fingers crossed!

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