Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to the projects

Okay, that's it for the pattern releases - at least for the moment. There will, happily, be more as the year goes on, but unless my memory is faulty, there are no more on the immediate horizon. (Which is a shame - all these reveals have been fun!)

When last we left my knitting projects, I was planning to head off to my LYS's charity knit night to make preemie hats out of some gift yarn. So far, so good (nickel included for scale):

In progress, 2013-01-30

That is the result of the first night's work - it's not a 100%-all-done hat yet, as I still have to sew on the button and weave in the ends, but the knitting component is complete.

That little thing weighs about 13.5g, which means the pattern (at least when I make it) takes up way less yardage than the 93 yards given in the pattern instructions. I ran the skein through my yardage counter when I wound it into a cake - 372.3 yards - and the yarn weighed a total of 89g, so 13.5g works out to 56.5 yards. So I'll actually be able to get six hats out of the skein, with about 33 yards left over. However, realistically? I don't see myself making the same hat in the same yarn six times over, even if each hat does take only about two hours to do. It's more likely that I'll do two or three hats, by which point the group will probably be making something different. Hopefully, whatever that something different is, I'll be able to use the remaining yarn to make it!

I've also cast on for some mittens for DD1, because it's been really cold lately (except for today and yesterday), and she really has nothing warm for her hands right now. Hopefully I'll be able to finish off the thumb today so I can block it and have it dry and with the ends woven in in time for school tomorrow morning. (This may be overly ambitious. We shall see.)

I finished off the last complete foot of DD2's three pairs of socks, and started work on leg #3. Here is the jumble of socks so far:

In progress, 2013-01-30

Before I started to cast off the leg on #3, though, I weighed things to see how I was doing. Turns out that I did indeed make the first two legs a little too long. By my calculations, I should be able to do 36 rounds on each leg, and the bind-off, and have very little yarn left over. This is not terrible news - I expected I'd have to do it, and the difference between how much I actually did on the existing legs and how much I should have done is not really that much - only 6 rounds. I'll still end up with six perfectly adequately-sized socks, and every one of them have feet long enough to give DD2 room to grow. Alas, I later found a Playmobile helmet inside the ball of yarn, and I've no idea how long it had been there, so I'm not sure, when I weighed the remaining yarn and did all my leg-length calculations, whether the helmet was in there effing up the math, or whether I'll be okay. WE SHALL SEE.

Finally, the blanket for my cousin's baby is coming along bee-yew-tifully, and I think I'm actually going to be able to get away with not having to sew a damn thing on it, thanks to the magic of the way I'm constructing it. Woohoo for seam avoidance!

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