Sunday, January 13, 2013

And more presenting...

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who talked flatteringly about my Stippling blanket in the comments of my last post. :) I'm delighted that people seem to like it! And by the way, if you're curious about the double knitting technique that it uses and are wondering how complicated that is, the magazine issue contains a tutorial on the technique, plus I have a tutorial about the basic concept on this blog right here. In other exciting Stippling-related news, the magazine is having a contest to win the yarn to make it! The contest is open only to UK residents, but if that's you, I would totally go for it - I really enjoyed working with the yarn, and the folks at Crystal Palace Yarns are being lovely by offering four of these prizes.

But wait...there's more: I have another pattern to reveal!

As you may remember, last May, I started work on a lovely little sweater for DD3, from some sparkly pink DK acrylic that the girls gave me for Mother's Day. Soon after casting on for that, I was brought up short by DD2, who was disappointed because she had wanted me to use the yarn for a blanket.

Since I had only 200g of the yarn, I decided to do a blanket knit on the bias, with the edging incorporated as I went. That way, once the yarn was about half gone, I could start decreasing, and be assured of being able to finish the blanket with a minimum amount of yarn left over. I found a nice edging, made up some lace motifs, and away I went.

It went pretty well...


Completed, 'in action'

So here I was, with a brand-new blanket pattern and a challenge to design and submit twelve new things in the calendar year...what do you suppose I did next? I looked for a magazine that it would be a good fit for, of course!

I swatched: (really quickly, because the deadline was coming up fast)

Leaves and Lace blanket swatch

And then I wrote up a proposal and sent it in. Fast forward about half a year, and I am now at liberty to speak of the pattern! :) It's called "Leaves and Lace", and it's going to be in the Spring 2013 issue of Creative Knitting, which is set to hit shops on February 12. Here's the official shot of my blanket, courtesy of Annie's:


And here's a more detailed shot which I took before sending the sample off:



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