Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Copping out

So I'm thinking seriously about dumping the Durrow sweater project as my husband's Christmas gift this year. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. (Biggest reason) Ever since the yarn came in, I've been worried that he wouldn't like the colour. Don't get me wrong, it is a fabulously awesome colour, and I know he thinks so, too, but I've had a nagging feeling the whole time I've been knitting it that it is not a colour he would ever want to wear himself. It's very vibrant, and he's quite conservative in his colour tastes. (Yep, the man has no problems sewing whatever he wants, or knitting lace in public, and he was the one who insisted on a big, elaborate wedding in front of our friends and family instead of the quickie ceremony in front of a judge that I thought would be great, and he gets way more upset than I do about emotional bits of TV shows...but saints preserve us if he's asked to wear purple.)

  2. I'm not sure if I have enough of the yarn to finish the sweater. (Although admittedly, yesterday I did order one extra ball just in case, whilst falling hard for the Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale.)

  3. November is almost over and I'm starting to feel the pressure of Christmas being pretty close.

  4. (Second biggest reason) I found and ordered a really cool gift from ThinkGeek that I know he will absolutely love. (It was on sale, I couldn't pass it up; it'll be an anniversary or birthday present if I still end up going with Durrow as his Christmas gift.)

  5. I already knitted him something (hooray for design samples) that he adores and will be able to start incorporating into his wardrobe around Christmastime once the pattern is published.

So I'm seriously thinking about scrapping the project for this year and knitting him Durrow as next year's gift, but out of a different colour yarn. (Not sure what I'll do with the yarn I've been using; maybe it'll be something for me...or maybe my dad, who has never seemed to flinch at wearing vivid colours.) I still think something in the general purple family would be great for DH, despite his blind spot that it's not a "guy" colour; but I think I need a purple that's much darker and more subdued to get him to buy into the concept.

Anyway, while I decide, I've been concentrating my efforts on other holiday gifts. I finished my mom's socks:


And I got started on my brother's Louis Vuitton knock-off hat:

In progress, 2012-11-27

That's currently my knitting focus at the moment. I'm quite happy with how it's coming along. And don't worry, the width-to-height ratio of the motif will look much more equal when it's actually being worn on a head.

I'm also looking ahead to the moment all my 2012 knitting goals are complete - I can cast on whatever the hell I want! I'm thinking the first thing might just be Bauble, which I love. I've got four 50g balls of Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn (with much more on the way, thanks to that sale yesterday) that will be fabulous with it.


Okay, :::selfslap::: back to the knitting!

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