Sunday, October 21, 2012

But wait, there's more

As if Friday's sweater gobsmackery wasn't enough, on Saturday morning DH, DD1 and DD2 all came into the living room excitedly with something large wrapped in fabric. This turned out to be another handmade gift...a SPINNING WHEEL!!!

Yep. They made a freakin' spinning wheel for me. (Apparently DD1 helped drill some holes and DD2 helped do some sanding.) It's the "DODEC", which can be seen at this video. It's a quill-style wheel, so there's a fair bit of DIY-ing that you have to do to wind your yarn onto the spindle, but it is so damn cool and fabulous. I gave it a whirl (pun intended) last night after the toddler had gone to bed (the necessity of waiting for that should be self-evident).

So far, I kind of suck, but I've been watching a few more videos this morning and I think I understand more about what I'm supposed to be doing. I think I just need a lot more practice. The fact that I already know how to work a drop spindle is definitely putting me more ahead of the game than if I'd never done any spinning before.

Oh, you want visuals, you say? You bet!

My new DODEC!

The one snag: for the reveal, DH pulled the fabric cover off with such a flourish that he snapped the spindle. :::facepalm::: Fortunately, he'd made two, and also, he was apparently able to fix the first one pretty easily.

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