Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Borg knitting

Seven of thirteen is complete:

Completed, in action

Blinded by that thousand-watt grin from my wannabe-model? Okay, here's another one with the teeth toned down some, although the hair impedes the view of the bolero:

Completed, in action 2

I have since tucked it away in the Basket of Holding under the family room coffee table, where I'm keeping all the holiday gifts. I'll be bringing it out again in (hopefully) a few weeks, though, to ship it off (along with the other holiday gifts and our birthday gift, all of which I will presumably have bought by that point) to my niece in time for Christmas. I hope she loves it.

In other news, I finished the first mitten for our daycare provider and got started on the ribbing for the second one. I'm not completely confident that it will fit well, but I'm hoping things even out and stretch a bit in the blocking.

And it looks like I have indeed lost all the charting that I did for my brother's hat, which I was perfectly happy with and which, to my very great irritation, I kept meaning to print out prior to losing it but never ended up doing so. Curses. Hopefully I can recreate it to the same degree of satisfaction as the original.

Next up, though: I think I shall rip out my dad's Morgan hat in preparation for doing it all.over.again. This time, in an attempt to make a hat that will actually fit his head, not only will I not knit tightly (which I did originally out of fear of running out of yarn), but I also think I'll use a 4.5mm needle instead of a 4mm. This weekend while looking for something else in the basement, I found some extra of what I'm positive is the same yarn (Cascade 220) and pretty confident is the same colour (9473) from a completely different project, so I am not going to worry about running out. (Worst case scenario, it's the same colour family, and I will therefore be able to fudge things handsomely.)

Fingers crossed that I can get to at least nine of thirteen by this time next week, and hopefully ten.

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Loooove the bolero - and model