Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just waiting to strike


When I first started designing knitting patterns, I would get kind of bummed out when I would finish and make a design available - I was of course pleased to get the design out the door, but at the same time I was worried that this was the last good idea I would ever have, or at least would have for a good long while.

But then, to my surprise, another idea would grab me.

And then another.

And then another, while I was still working on bringing a previous idea to fruition.

Now today, I've got scads of ideas and not enough time to test them all out before my brain starts piling even more on. (My draft patterns list on Ravelry is longer than my published designs list.) While this is frustrating from a getting-things-finished point of view, it's wonderful from a creative point of view. And what I think might be true is that inspiration is kind of like a muscle: it gets healthier, fitter, and stronger the more you exercise it. Keep it stimulated and it will pay you back dividends, in spades.

All of this to explain that I can't tell you what I started working on a few days ago. :) But I'm really excited about it!

As a sop, though, here's how far I've gotten on BIL1's Christmas socks:

In progress, 2012-09-26

Which of course got dumped faster than a load of playground gravel as soon as I had my new idea. Sorry, socks. I'll pick you back up later.

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