Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here be pictures at last, matey

Yeah, I had to do it.


In order to start compensating for the utter lack of photography around here lately (although I swear, the stuff I've been working on will eventually be show-able), here are two projects that aren't secret. Okay, well, one of them sort of still is for a specific audience...uh...Keri, if you're reading this before I've given you Oliver's giftie, please go away?


Firstly, I've had this pattern in my queue for ages because it is freakin' adorable. And now that I'm making it, I assure you that in person, it is just as cute as the pictures make it seem.

In progress, 2012-09-19

Pattern is Baby Tart, from Knitty's Winter 2003 issue. An oldie but certainly a goodie. I think this is starting to look exactly like cherry pie.

I love cherry pie. Mmmm. And speaking of which, my brain has zero earworm immunity against that "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy" song.


The second project, now finished, and still secret until I can give it to the brand-new mum, is this reversible bib:

Light side

Completed, light side

Dark side

Completed, dark side

Attempt to show both sides simultaneously

Completed, both sides visible

Pattern is my own Teddy for Tots pattern, which is actually a fundraiser for the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Cute stuff, I think she'll like it.


Back to the secret stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Cute teddy!
Thanks for the like to the pirate sing along.